Where is version 1.10.2?

iPad mit Stift
Kommt die iPad-Version des Publisher schon 2022?

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Das Wichtigste in Kürze

Tech companies skipping numbers is not unusual. Microsoft switched from Windows 8 to 10 and Apple never produced an iPhone 9. But what does the missing publisher version mean in Serif’s case?

Hope for iPad fans?

In 2020, Serif announced that they had started work on an iPad version and expected to release it in 2021. The announcement made the hearts of publisher fans beat faster and then came Corona. Since then, the iPad version has been quiet. According to Serif, it is still in the works, but no date has been given. Now, however, the release note of Affinity Publisher version 1.10.4 for Mac and Windows gives hope. There it says in the parenthesis text:

(Note: 1.10.2 was an iPad only release)

So Serif seems to be in the testing phase and has at best already rolled out internal beta testing.

At the moment it’s speculation, but we seem to be getting closer to the iPad version.